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Dated: June 26 2015

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Trust – it’s a big deal

We don’t live in a world where trust is given freely.  But, we do have access to a great deal of information (thanks, interweb) and can research service providers prior to hiring someone.  For example, you might be searching for a real estate agent.  If so, you’re at the right place! 

We’ve had our own experiences weeding through the bad contractors to get to the good.  (For the record, let’s agree to call everyone a “contractor” because they all have services to contract. It could be a lender, lawyer, plumber, electrician, home inspector, or even a cleaning company. Contractors, get it?)  We can say with confidence that we have a team of outstanding professionals to recommend to you.  How do we rate them as outstanding?  It’s not a perfect ranking system but here’s some insight:

  • Easy to contact! If a contractor answers their phone and/or calls back in a reasonable period of time – we like that! 

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  • Honesty is the best policy. If a contractor tells it straight – we like that.  If they don’t, you won’t find us recommending them.

  • Problem solving skills. We know we’ve picked the right person if they’re faced with an unforeseen problem (probably all problems are unforeseen, right?) and they’re able to consider options and choose a solution that works best for everyone – most importantly YOU, the client.  The fastest way to not get a recommendation from Heather Wright & Associates is to be terrible at fixing problems.

  • Drama free. Remember that story about Henny Penny? “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” This sort of ties in with the problem solving skills.  A dramatic reaction (likely to a problem!) doesn’t work well for us so you can be assured our recommended contractors are calm, cool and collected.

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  • Communication. Not everyone excels at communication. We don’t mean small talk or giving play by play reports of every single thing they’re doing on the job. But, we appreciate working with people that can communicate appropriately so that we’re not left in the dark wondering what’s going on. This also applies to technology. Contractors that can scan/email/text/teleport (ok, maybe not teleport) are more convenient to work with than those that handwrite reports (in {gasp} CURSIVE!) and communicate via smoke signal. We think you’ll appreciate that too. 

  • Pricing. The saying “You get what you pay for” isn’t always true. Perspective in this situation is key.  You wouldn’t spend a fortune having a beat up jalopy fixed, would you? (Maybe you would – it’s possible I’m out of my element with this car analogy.) We think the contractors that have the most reasonable pricing for the service provided works best.  That’s not always the cheapest or the most expensive.  We like fair pricing (and we love better-than-fair pricing!) for the quality of work delivered.

  • Easy to work with.  Some people are just easier to work with than others. We like easy. It makes our lives easier. And, trust me, the life of a real estate agent isn’t usually easy! They understand and accommodate our deadlines, urgent requests and sometimes sticky situations. So, we appreciate our network of people because they understand so much about our business and do their part to help make things better.

  • Solid character. This one is tricky to explain so bear with me. I know that if I make a mistake – I will be accountable to fix it. Same goes with everyone at Heather Wright & Associates. That’s a sign of solid character when you can own up to a mistake and offer a solution to make it right. The contractors we work with are also of solid character. They’re going to be fair and do the right thing.  Everyone usually has a different guarantee that they offer in their field so don’t mistake this for a promise of “satisfaction guarantee” because that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that our network of preferred contractors are stand up people with good, solid character. And, if I find that someone doesn’t meet that criteria, they find themselves on the wrong side of the circle of trust.   Image title

Hopefully, this gives you some insight on who we are, who our professional “friends” are and why we recommend certain contractors.  Like I said, we’re not in a world where trust is given easily. That’s why we believe in transparency and explaining the who’s, why’s, how’s, etc. where anyone can see it – the interweb. Don’t take our word for it - read client reviews on our business at  We want to help you buy and/or sell a house today. Then, we’re available to help while you own your new house (we don’t move, unpack or clean – but we have people to recommend for anything you need!) and then in a few years when it’s time to sell and repeat the process, you’ll call us to handle all your real estate needs.

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  • Posted by John Hall
    Wow! This is awesome! I've never seen this in a realtor agent or company! I actually read all of your statement and I'm so overwhelmed, even to the point that I don't want to waste your time! So here's my situation me and my family have live at our current residence since I believe 1997 or 1998! And really out grown it years ago, its a three bedroom duplex and I have no basement, and no garage! My current rent is $982 a month, yes I did say my "RENT" $982! So with that being said, my credit score isn't great, and my wife's is good! We have no down payment at the moment! But we pay our bills every month! have not missed paying my rent once. So we would be first time home buyers! I have been reluctant to call you because most realtors when they here my story the no longer want to help me or feel pretty strongly that we will not get financed for a home. Since reading this statement I thought I would just tell you a little bit about me and then see if you think you still have interest in helping me and my family purchase a "HOME"! I will understand if I don't here from you!

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