Selling Your Home During The Holidays

Dated: 12/08/2015

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“Should I wait until spring to list my home?” - The question sellers often wonder during the winter and holidays. In my opinion, you shouldn’t have to hold off until spring. Buyers don’t evaporate during winter, home buying is now year-round. Here’s why you should consider listing your home during the holidays or winter in general:

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Buyers are always looking for properties online

21st century technology offers a lot of promises in the real estate industry. Today, homebuyers can “show” a listing in their smartphones or tablets. Serious buyers are always looking and the holidays are no exception.

Competition is usually lighter

There can be an increase in demand when inventory is traditionally low – resulting in less competition from other sellers. Conventional wisdom says to give it a rest during the holidays and that is why we end up seeing the inventory tighten up this time of year. Buyers will be always out there so you should not hesitate to list your house.

Holiday decorations are nice

It’s true – holiday decorations are nice.  Whether it’s your beautifully trimmed tree, stockings hung with care over the fireplace or candles lighting the windows – holiday decorations add a level of warmth to a home making buyers feel festive and welcome. 

Don’t want to be bothered during the holidays? List your property in January

If the thought of having your house on the market during the holidays is just TOO MUCH, that’s ok.  My recommendation would be to list in January after the 1st of the year.  The beginning of the New Year spurs a different motivation in people. Maybe they have a New Year’s resolution to invest in real estate.  Or a rich relative gave them money for down payment (Uncle Sam contributes to many down payments!)? In general, people find themselves with more time on their hands after the holidays which is perfect to start the home search.

No matter what time of year you sell I will have a custom marketing strategy available for your house that will take seasonality and timing into consideration.

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