Is Fall The New Spring

Dated: October 5 2017

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When is the best time for selling a house?  While the change of seasons affects the real estate market, it always usually depends on the situation and the motivation.  Real estate sells year round but spring has been recognized as the home buying season.  However, it is not entirely impossible to sell real estate during the upcoming cooler months.

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Here are some of the reasons why we could still sell your home in fall:

Home selling in autumn is the second best time of the year to sell (a few say that it is summer though).  Families have returned from the summer vacations and the holidays are not yet upon us.  The end of vacation season means a renewed focus on real estate.

Tax savings and benefits!  Home buyers are motivated to close by December 31 because it means that they can gain tax benefits associated with homeownership.  Deductions include mortgage interest, property taxes, points on your loan on your income tax return, and interest costs associated with a home equity loan.

Lower interest rates.  As the market continues to improve interest rates have increased.  If a buyer were to wait until spring to purchase – they risk a higher payment. 

Less competition and motivated buyers.  “You find motivated sellers and motivated buyers in the fall, especially as you get closer to the holidays,” says Shaun White, VP for Corporate Communications for RE/Max Real Estate in Denver CO.

Home for the Holidays.  Emotional factors also come in to play for home buyers.  They want to be in a new home for the holidays – entertaining and celebrating with their family and friends.

Fall is a time when home buyers are getting back into a routine that allows time for a home search.  The weather is ideal for viewing outdoor features, and homeowners can comfortably spend time outdoors managing their outdoor spaces to appeal to buyers.  Fall is a beautiful season but you will have to keep up with the leaves as they fall.  You’ll want to keep your landscaping neat and trimmed for prospective buyers.  

If you are selling your house this season, make sure to price your home with the current market conditions in mind.  Rest assured that I can fully help you in this process.  Give me a call or an email and we’ll talk about strategies to sell your home in the fall (or any other season!).

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