How To Create New Storage Space At Home

Dated: 05/29/2015

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Hanging baskets are a creative way to add extra storage to any room in the house. Whether used as home décor or as storage, these hanging baskets are a great addition to any room.

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If you're like me then you have lots of DIY confidence (thanks to Pinterest!).  Truthfully, I’ve learned that I’m actually terrible at DIY so I would opt for a suggestion a few photos down.  However, if you really are the DIY type and have the skill and the will to tackle a project – you’ll be pleased with the extra storage, I’m sure.  According to Woman’s Day, this is a beginner level project and the materials are easy enough to obtain from craft stores or discount stores. You’ll need a spool of heavy cord or twine; tape measure; scissors; set of three nesting wicker baskets; slim screwdriver (optional); heavy-duty screw-in cup hook. The baskets are often found in natural wood colors, but would be even more fun spray painted any color you like.  

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If you’re not the DIY type (this is what I’m talking about!), simply buy baskets and hang them on your wall like these!  You can easily organize your towels and washcloths by imitating this idea.

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Here’s a great idea for the drop zone to your home.  Mount the baskets on hooks and assign each family member a hanging basket where they can put items such as keys, umbrellas, notebooks, etc.

Or you can hang them in the towel rods in your bathroom, laundry room or pantry for additional space!

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It’s up to you where to use them; in the kitchen - to keep your recipes or hand towels, in the bathroom - to hold towels or bathing essentials, or even in the living room – to use as a décor by adding a plant!  There are unlimited ways to use these hanging baskets! What a creative way to use the vertical space in your house!

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