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Dated: June 12 2015

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It has been said that knobs, pulls, and hooks are the bling to any furniture piece. And, if it hasn’t been said, then I just said it.  Custom and unique knobs can give your cabinets, chests and dressers instant style – like this one I found out showing houses:

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You can buy different colored knobs on Amazon, Etsy or in any DIY warehouse. It might even be fun to hand paint your own knobs! DIY gives more character and personality to any piece at a lesser cost! That is if you are creative and patient enough to paint on tiny knobs. You can visit Diary of a Crafty Lady’s blog for step-by step instructions on how to make your own adorable knobs! Easy enough right? Plus, they look fabulous!

If you find that your old house doesn’t have enough space for all your new fancy furniture (hand painted =fancy!) then give me a call and we’ll look for a new home!

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