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Dated: 08/11/2015

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One way to clean your foggy headlights is to rub them with toothpaste. It’s true!! Toothpaste naturally works well to polish things and remove really small scratches. It’s cheap and effective, who wouldn’t want to try it? So here’s how you can clean your headlights and get them looking brand new and spanking clean again.

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Make sure to use regular toothpaste. Don’t use any kind of toothpaste with crystals or anything like that - it might make the scratches worse.

Apply a small amount of toothpaste on a dry soft cloth and start rubbing in circular motions through small areas until the grime comes off. After a couple of passes the results will be noticeable. Watch how fast the grime comes off!!

Lastly, rinse with water and wipe with a wet cloth. You can also choose to apply a polish for a shinier look or even a sealant to keep them from getting hazy again.

Using toothpaste can save you a lot of money, right? Its winter and it’s important that you actually see a THING when driving! Go ahead and try to give your car some oral care right after brushing your teeth. Another life hack brought to you by your favorite realtor.

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