3 Rules To Follow When Your House Is For Sale

Dated: June 15 2016

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Anytime you’re selling your house you need to consider how visitors (read: BUYERS!) are going to feel when they’re IN your house. Here are 3 basic rules to follow:

1.  A CLEAN house will sell faster and for more money. Seriously, it might seem like common sense to clean your house when it’s for sale, but this actually escapes a lot of people. When I’m showing homes to buyers and we walk inside and there’s a smell? We want to leave (before the smell sticks to us!). If the house is filthy, or any other form of unclean, we hustle right out of there. Buyers will automatically assume that if you can’t keep your house clean, you can’t/didn’t/won’t take care of it and it’s full of liabilities. That makes it less attractive and ultimately results in low offers and more days on the market.

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2.  No one wants to buy a sweat box. When the temperatures rise in the spring, summer, and even the early fall – plan accordingly and turn ON the AC. When a house is allowed to roast in the heat, it makes visitors warm, hot and/or sweaty. These are prospective buyers for your property so make sure they’re comfortable. If it’s some sort of basic rule you can’t break about turning on the AC because you were raised to be frugal – perhaps you should sell during another time of year. When people are HOT – they want to be rescued by air conditioning so they’ll leave your house quickly. Perhaps without even seeing all your house has to offer. Also, a hot house might have smells you’d otherwise like to avoid (see above). So, keep it cool and they’ll be more inclined to look around – and hopefully like what they see (read: make an offer!).

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3.  They’re not going to buy an ice box either. If you turn the heat down so low in the winter that it’s colder inside than outside then you can expect visitors to run for cover and leave quickly. Usually this happens in a vacant house, but there are some serious misers out there pinching pennies. Trust me – the tiny bit you would spend to keep the temperature comfortable for prospective buyers is going to be worth it in the long run when you sell quickly and for top dollar.

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Technically, this was 2 basic rules, not 3, but the temperature is such a big deal that I had to divide hot and cold to make sure my point was made. If you have any questions, feel free to call me anytime!

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